Our History

The Lord’s church in this community first began meeting in a one room school house that was given the name of FREE LABOR. The county gave materials to build it and people from the community gave their labor, hence the name FREE LABOR. This building was constructed in 1913, and the church met there until 1925.

The congregation was started by Zane Neely, and families of Tom Bobo, Sallie Bee Bolander, Mary Milam, Tom Scott, Alva Thrasher, Pinnie Turner, Charlie Wallace, Ruff Jeans, and J. A. Mullins.

Initially, we had preaching only one Sunday each month. We gave of our means (one of the men would pass around his hat), each Sunday and partook of the Lord’ Supper. The preacher’s pay was the amount that was taken in that Sunday.

During the summer we would meet at different homes on Wednesday nights for prayer and Bible study. We also had Brush Arbor meetings in the summer. A Brush Arbor was a covering brush top erected from tree limbs, etc., and seats made from a slab of wood with no backs. The floor was the ground.

Johonnie Bolander gave two acres of land and a church building was constructed in 1925. At that time the name was changed to UNITY CHURCH of CHRIST.

Tom Bobo and his family walked two and a half miles, two miles through the woods to come to services. Their devotion and determination paid off as one of their sons became a preacher and preached for over 40 years.

unity-cofc008a.jpgA tornado passed through this area on April 5, 1936 and completely destroyed the building. The storm even moved the concrete door steps. Clean-up and rebuilding began almost immediately. The church met in a large mill house belonging to A. L. Turner until the building was rebuilt. This construction was completed in 1937. The building consisted of one large room. Later four class rooms, a nursery, two rest rooms, a front porch, and a baptistery were added. Later, the front porch was enclosed and a covered drive-through was built. At one time we also had a residence next door to the building for the preacher’s family. This house was sold and moved in recent years. There is also a detached building on the acreage used for storage and activities.

Some of the preachers who have served this congregation over the years include: Vernon Rozar, Weaver Kay, Joe Jones, Jesse Bailey, brother Knowles, Allen Rozar, Howard Andrews, Tommy Rosenblum, David Bobo, Andy Largen, Donald Ramey, Ronald Andrews, Jim Ashworth, Lewis Ellenburg, Jerry Goff, Gary Wright, Toney Demombrum, Richard Chandler, Rex Kilpatrick, Randy Pyle, Clay Henderson, Donald Hughes, Edward Craddock, Jim Pepper, Raymond Ferrell, Willard Conchin, Dale Andrews, Eddie Arnold, Allen Smith, Dan Webb, and others.

Our present minister, Wayne Harvell, began work with us in December 2005.