When You Visit

YOU will receive a warm friendly family welcome!

We want you to know that your visit is really appreciated!!!

Following the New Testament pattern of worship, we will:

  • pray together
  • have congregational singing
  • observe the Lord’s Supper each 1st day of the week
  • cheerfully and purposefully give of the material blessings we have received from God
  • read from the scripture and study a Biblical lesson to help us make a practical application of God’s word
  • offer a Biblical invitation following the study lesson

Those desiring to respond are encouraged to give a written or verbal message to any of the men or by walking to the front of the auditorium.

Whatever your situation no one will ever be singled out. You will not be embarrassed!

Above everything else, we pray that the things done in worship and service will glorify God and build each of us up spiritually.

God is worthy of praise and it is for His honor and glory and the salvation of precious souls that this congregation exists.

Come Worship God With Us!